Is Shipping that complicated??

Having set foot into the shipping industry in 1991, shipping evolution has come a Long way where the simplicity of shipping has become complicated… however is complexity the word to use when shipping in steel box is simply putting cargo into a metal box??

Complexity came around when the Ultimate Container Complex Carrier came into the picture where big container vessels carrying 18,000 units of 20′ metal box sailed into the sea.  On the paper, the cost of operating the vessel per slot will be much lower.

However that is on paper.

As Man Propose, God Dispose.

Man Propose. Man is a ingenious animal but can we beat the force of nature? Is oil forever free? Will oil reserve not be emptied? Will human become less selfish and greedy. We have seen bunker prices shooting to the star overnight making the oil merchants overly rich overnight. However when the dooms came, made also a lot of people to be a bankrupt.

God Dispose. With human tampering nature wrath, we see more calamities happening across the globe. However, calamities would drive to more cargoes required for rebuilding. However poverty still lurks in every corner.

Cargoes flow has become more limited and sensitive. Sensitive that people are calculating every cent. Warehouses are full of cargoes that the shops, shopping mall are stock full. Reaching expiry dates, sales which is supposed to be a sale, is now just another daily sale that is not even encouraging more trades.

News of liners having to concede defeat each and every day is not uncommon to read today. Top executives has big ideology but not realistic market insights. Paper drawings are just paper in writing, without, or refusal to admit that a wrong has been made in decision making.

Trade is simply a demand and supply exercise. Is this that hard to understand?




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